‘Joffre White's book isn't just about the magic

of faerie kingdoms,

it's about the magic of childhood.

It's not just about knights

and dragons,

but about how a child becomes a man.

It's not just another young adult

fantasy; i

t's a really good read.‘                         

Simon R Green, New York Times Bestselling Author.

The Frog series follows our young hero, Chris Casey, through different worlds and adventures, making new friends and being reunited with old ones. Relentlessly pursued by and sometimes pursuing his evil adversary.

At its heart is the age old battle of good against evil, the bonds of friendship, the need for courage, strength, love, faith, and belief that no matter who you are, you can make a difference.

All of the ‘Frog’ books are available from retail outlets, nationally and worlwide.

Publication details:


                                    By Joffre White

                                    Publisher: Book Guild Ltd

                                    Hardback - ISBN - 9781846244650

                                    Paperback - ISBN- 978-1846247118

                                    Kindle - ASIN - B009NH9OC6

                                    FROG AND THE SANDSPIDERS OF ARIDIAN

                                    By Joffre White

                                    Publisher: Book Guild Ltd

                                    Hardback - ISBN -978-1846247668

                                    Paperback - ISBN -978-1910878521

                                   Kindle - ASIN - B009NI6G5I

                                    FROG AND THE TREE OF SPELLS

                                    By Joffre White

                                    Publisher: Matador Books

                                    Paperback - ISBN - 978-1-78462-540-5

                                    Kindle -ASIN: B01B6K4ZUS

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‘The continuing adventures of Frog did not disappoint and I savoured the second story in this excellent series.

The alternate universe that Joffre creates is unique and well drawn and totally believable.

With a twist and a turn and a surprise at the end...and the promise of maybe even darker adventures to come!

I love these books and will be eagerly awaiting number 3!’

Gill Jepson. Author of  the Out of Time series -

The Secret of the Swan, Raven’s Hoard and Cistercian Conspiracy.

‘A wonderful adventure  that leads you into a colourful dimension that is so magical you want to jump right in. Fascinating characters and unique twists. Everything to love.’

- Julia Suzuki - Author of Land of Dragor.