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This month -

Poems from Queen’s Crescent Primary School, Chippenham.


Stories from Shrewton Primary School

By Claudia P.

St Martin’s Primary

So Here I Am Now  -  Rhiannon

Smooth, bumpy bark danced in the wind,

As I look up, sky flew through the branches,

Fluffy, long wings flitted through the atmosphere,

A smell of dense, thick bark stung my nostrils, intently,

It felt like a million little tickles flying up my nose,

Birds sang with joy like a plane gliding through the clouds,

Roots shoot up, turn into branches and curl round like snakes,

The sky whispers “listen closely and you’ll hear the excitement in the air”

Written by Theo Ellis from Queen’s Crescent Primary School, Chippenham

Irregular patterns dancing on bark,

A man swaying in the wind,

Digging, forking fingers,

Above the ground is where we begin,

Lime green leaves peppered gently on each arm,

Invisible, whispering wind hoots gently through the calm,

A dozen chestnut, brown feet search softly through the gloom,

Groups of chalky white, fluffy rodents burrow their way through to find a room.

Written by Eddie Westlake from Queen’s Crescent Primary School, Chippenham

The thick, tangled roots try to climb up,

It felt like rough rope,

The branches sway trying to grab the sky,

The wind whispering magical secrets,

It smelt like a tropical jungle.

Written by Serg Elzanowski from Queen’s Crescent Primary School, Chippenham

Bark coated branches sat nestled among emerald green ivy,

When I stare up, the branches grab at the sky

Whilst bumpy arms look like a green man peering down at me,

Birds tweet in the background while peace rains down.

Written by Ellie Harvey from Queen’s Crescent Primary School, Chippenham

Grand oak arms towered over green, green grass catching raven black birds,

Leafy, green hair matted in the strong, strong wind,

Six twisted legs sat on the wet, wet ground,

Chestnut brown scales travelled up the calm, calm air,

Body swaying in the warm, warm breeze.

Written by Freya Keohane from Queen’s Crescent Primary School, Chippenham

The branches were rigid and coarse,

But the scent of cinnamon comforted me,

Embroiled in it were my deep thoughts,

Magical shadows danced while wind whistled a sweet song,

A harmony of song birds and thick roots lay,

The pistachio petals wavering,

Peace scattered around me.

Written by Amelie Fairbairn from Queen’s Crescent Primary School, Chippenham

Olivia and the good and bad pirates!

Jammed tight, Olivia’s backpack wouldn’t unzip. 10 frustrating minutes later, she remembered the shiny new pocket unicorn horn she found yesterday in her white shorts. She gently eased open the zipper with its round sharp blade. Eagerly packing, she threw in water, swimming suit and iPhone 11 pro. “100% Yay! I charged that last night,” Olivia shouted before dashing to the van to get to the boat.

Only 1 hour later, she had finally reached the island. There were parrots flying around her and the air smelt like smelly fish. Olivia put her swim suit on and began to swim.

Without a warning, Olivia’s foot got stuck. She was okay until she heard a cannon…

Kicking, diving and screaming at the top of her lungs Olivia screamed “HELP MEEEEEEE!” Silence taunted her in reply.

Then she met the bad pirates who started shooting cannons at her so she started diving. But then she met good pirates and they helped her fight back and one helped untie the seaweed.

In the end, the bad pirates lost and Olivia was free thanks to the pirate named Jimmy who saved Olivia’s life and took Olivia home. She lived happily ever after in a house full of pirates.

Ellie and the wasp

Ellie was in the snow and was with trees with apples. She saw a massive spider on her head. Within the jungle, a big snake was slithering up her leg. A river with stones and mud soaked her shoes. Ellie's butt fell off! A wasp had been trying to chase her and sting her. The wasp was flying in circles. Ellie fell on the ground. The wasp fell on her butt and she didn't scream because it wasn't there.

Millie and the dragon.

One day, a dragon was sleeping in a dark, deep and scary cave. lt just so happened that the fun fair was coming to town. The people were so existed they were making so much noise they were screaming, shouting and they also had a parade.

Unfortunately, the dragon could not sleep so he tried to hatch a plan to stop the noise - of course the humans did not know.

After ten minutes of torture, the fun fair was ready to be BURNT TO DEATH! Jay heard a sort of sprint sound, which only meant one thing. Someone was near him. After a few minutes, he found a toddler and a note, which said, “Please look after Millie.” The dragon said, “This is stupid – me look after a five year old called Millie.”

“Great, now I have a five your old in my cave,” said Jay.

Wait, maybe she can learn to fight for me. After one day the girl was trained enough to become a part of the plan. She was given a flamethrower so when they arrive, Millie can shoot out fire too. “Ha Ha Ha Ha!” they laughed together. The next day, the plan was in action.

They sent a package to the funfair, which had Millie in with the flamethrower. When they opened the package, Millie would pop out with the flamethrower and burn the funfair.

Ten minutes later, all that was left was ashes.       By Megon


So there’s this boy called Bob who lives in Exeter (a massive city in England). He’s 10 years old and lives with his dad and his dog.

One day, he had done his normal school routine and was on his way to school when something unusual landed on his head! “GET OFF!” Bob exclaimed. “Ahoy!” He heard someone shout from the distance. It’s probably my imagination, he thought to himself before sprinting on down to school. He managed to nudge the bird off his head and when he looked at it, he saw it was a parrot flying away.

After a curious 3 minutes, he arrived at his school, well, it was a school. Now, it was just a crystal-clear ocean with a pirate ship parked on the shore. “Wait,” Bob whispered trying to stay calm. As if someone pushed him, he tripped over nothing. He looked behind him and there, standing right in front of him, was his dad. Bob’s dad was looking as stunned as he was! “Pirates,” Bob’s dad muttered over and over again like he was hypnotised to say it.

7 minutes later, they heard gun shots and actually saw the pirate who was shooting! “Uh-oh.” Bob shouted over the constant muttering. “I know,” his dad answered. “Yes dad!” Bob screamed. A gun shot was going for his dad’s…


The boy in the haunted forest.

One day, there was a boy named Jack. He found a haunted forest. He went back home and suited up. He got iron armour and a diamond sword.

He went into the haunted forest. Cold air went through his nose as he walked into the haunted forest.

All of a sudden, he appeared in the middle of the forest. Jack saw green eyes in the trees and it leaped at him.

As quick as a flash, he got his diamond sword and chopped his head off.


James the python

Once upon a time, there was a snake called James. He was an albino ball python morph; James lived up on a hillside. At the top of the hillside, there was a cave that nobody went into (not even humans) So James the incredible ball python had a dream since he was a baby that he was going to go to the top of the hillside. He didn't know what was in the cave that was why he was going there.

So the next morning he had already been hunting for the mice, he waited an hour till he went up the hillside to the very top of the hillside. James, with his long tail, smooth scales and his beautiful pattern took half an hour to get up the hillside... James was exited. He went in and there was a creaking noise. He couldn't see anything. The creaking got louder and louder then he heard a stomping noise getting closer; closer. Then a big, scary and fire-breathing monster jumped out. James tried to escape but the dragon took him to a very bright theme park. He was confused about why the dragon took James to a theme park. He wanted to go home. But the dragon said he had to find clues around the theme park to escape and go home. James shouted, “Ok!” at the dragon then the dragon flew away like a cheetah with loads of dust behind him. He got wounded a bit but he was ok. He looked on the ground. There was a note. It said the first clue was somewhere you throw plastic balls at some metal tin cans so James went so he could get out.

Half an hour later, it felt like it'd been a full day, but it was only the beautiful sunset. He found the next clue. It was wet because it was raining. It had just started. It said “Go to a round; spinning thing that's really big.”

"I have to get out of here James screamed," so the dragon told him directions. “Go north fifty steps then four steps east.” He made it and it said “You did it! Congrats! You can go home.” So he went to sleep.

The girl in the game!

Beyond the clouds, an old scruffy cottage was placed in the middle of the forest (which was sworn to be enchanted). One day a little girl called blossom and her mum (Anna) needed a new place to live. 3 weeks later, they moved into the old, scruffy and damp cottage.

Never before, blossom set off on an adventure. A very odd adventure. She set off in the calm woods outside her house with a basket full to the brim with goodies. Skipping towards the door on the tree she slowly, steadily stepped into the tree.

1 hour later, she found herself asleep on the floor. Her head was dizzy and her mind was scattered across her confused brain. She tentatively rose from her slumber. In the distance, a massive wheel was sat in the mist. "M.. m. Mummy ! Where are you!" Blossom cried.

All blossom could hear was a low pitch voice in the background, "Collect

all the points to get back home," the voice said as a deep dark shadow swept across her eyes. She started the first game. She had to go on the Ferris wheel and swing round 10 times to get the first point. After that dizzy ride, blossom ran to end of the lines and stepped into the teleporting tunnel.

Bob’s Amazing Adventure

Early one morning, Bob woke to the sound of the waves crashing on the golden sands, the parrots squawking in the trees above and he could feel the warmth of the air on his face. He continued to lie on his soft bed made from palms on the sand just resting a moment longer. In the distance Bob could hear the faint sound of metal jangling, “what is that” Bob said to himself. He sat himself up, flattened his hair down, then sat and listened, hard! Moments passed Bob heard nothing, so he decided to go for his morning walk around the island.

Bob was having a gentle stroll on the sea edge, the water felt warm and fresh on his feet, the sun was hot against his face and the only sound was the waves and the parrots; but it wasn’t!

Bob heard a boat. It was me. I have a treasure chest. Bob had swum up to me. The water was warm.  I took Bob into the boat. I told him about the treasure chest. I tried to open it. It didn’t work. So we had to find the key. We sailed   down to have some lunch in the lovely pub. I ate two burgers. Bob had chicken nuggets.   

There was a parrot in the pub. The parrot helped us by saying “look under me”. We found the key.  The key was smooth and warm.  We took the key back to the boat. I opened the chest hopefully.   There were chocolate coins in it. I felt happy. I ate them all. Bob felt sad. Bob went to go and look and find another treasure chest. I was alone again and I was sad and felt a little bit sick.  I wished I had more friends.