Short stories from featured schools

Featured school -  Clarendon Junior School, Tidworth.

Story 1.
The short brown creature skips through the misty, grey forest scurrying and scampering through the dead overgrown grass, the flowers trampled by its little paws. The cobwebs broken into nothingness, birds flying overhead, leaves crunch and crack as the creature takes flight. The birds that were flying overhead had suddenly scattered. The leaves on the trees slowly plummeted to the ground. Rain starts to pour and the river's currents pick up speed. This noise frightened the animals but they did not scamper away like usual, instead they drifted more towards the river like they were in a haze. The creature stopped and called out trying to get them to stop. It called out and cried trying to get them to stop moving towards it. Suddenly as if something clicked in them all they stopped and everything went silent. It was so abrupt the leaves crunch gone, the river's whoosh as water came speeding down it gone, the trees sway had silenced, the owls hoot had been hidden. Nothing like this had ever happened before. After a long five minutes the sound returned. The creature continued its flight, it dodged trees and flocks of birds as it flapped its long wings then glided through the air slicing it like a knife through butter. The creature had flown so much before sunrise so it decided to take a rest for the night in the city. It was flying over In the morning, the bird had found he had woken up before the sunrise, before the city, before the other birds. The bird had decided to go looking for food as he had woken up and early bird gets the worm. While hunting the bird had found a bunch of keys laying across the floor and didn't know where they have come from or where they lead to.

 Story 2.
THE MENACING CLOWNS It was a dark gloomy night and Charlie was running rapidly through his neighbourhood laughing and smiling Suddenly Charlie had nothing to laugh about because 2 mysterious clowns walked slowly towards Charlie Mouth wide open in horror his eyes flicked around looking for an escape. But there was nothing to do. "Hello little boy come play with us", said the creepy clowns. Charlie stayed quiet like a mouse knowing not to talk to strangers. He was shivering in agony and his face was red like a his surprise he saw something in the corner of his diamond eyes. It was a tiny gap between two old, orange buildings. Charlie eyes lit up in excitement as he found a plan to get out this sticky situation. Without hesitation Charlie sprinted as fast as he could in between the two building. His eyes opened. But it was pitch black and Charlie didn't know what to do. Suddenly Charlie got teleported outside of his own house. "WOW", said Charlie in surprise. Charlie looked around in disbelief. Until he could feel a warm sensation behind his back. Charlie turned around and.Nothing was there. Then he heard a strange voice coming from behind him. Charlie turned around and. Charlie was back where he was running from the creepy clowns. In between the two rusty old houses. But Charlie didn't have any questions because he knew where he was now. He ran up a steep concrete hill until he saw his amazing home. But it wasn't over there the menacing clowns saw the helpless Charlie runningup the hill. "There is nowhere to go little boy", Said the clowns. Charlie didn't respond and quickly sprinted and opened the door. Closed the door. AND... WAS HE SAFE?